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Every time you take food is another chance to nourish your body. You deserve delicious, attractive, and above all, healthy food. At Health Pub food bar, we are on a mission to offer healthy fast meal alternatives to the community to inspire healthy lifestyle choices among our people.

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Our Story

Health Pub was officially launched 3 years ago in early 2022 as a DC-based food truck.

After months of painstakingly testing hundreds of recipes and menu ideas in his apartment in Arlington and with using his friends as willing and sometimes unwilling guinea pigs, the founder, Humphrey Moyo finally came up with a winning formula and an all-around great product that was not only unbelievably healthy and good for you, it was also delicious.

The DC food truck hustle is a baptism of fire for any food vendor and being the only truck offering healthy food options, we soon became a popular go-to destination before long we had a huge following of loyal and new customers who made it a point of tracking us down to whichever spot we parked at.

We soon realized that we desperately needed a fixed location and by June of 2022, we had opened our first brick-and-mortar store at the Food Court In Pentagon City Mall in Arlington.

Arlington was a natural fit for the Health Pub brand.

With Arlington being voted the Healthiest County in the USA for 6 years running, our offering of Vegan, Organic, Dairy Free, and Gluten free smoothies, acai bowls, salads, and freshly squeezed juices were soon a staple for the residents of Arlington.

With a lot of help from the Arlington County BizLaunch team and our landlord Simon Properties we are now opening new locations in 2024.

We have also begun accepting invitations for franchisees to join the Health Pub family. Take your first steps in the journey to become a business owner with a brand and concept that you will be proud to represent as we make America Healthy Again (sic)

At Health Pub, we perfectly harmonize fresh, delicious, and nutritious. Every bite is reminiscent of a healthy paradise, effortlessly providing natural energy for strong, healthy bodies and a strong mind.  

We are so much more than a food bar; we curate an elevated healthy culinary experience. Our passion for serving you is reflected in the dishes we serve. Worth mentioning is our famous Acai Bowl serving that you won’t find in any other food bar. We have a keen interest in customer service, which is why we make all our dishes to perfection with love. Our mission is to provide a pleasant atmosphere for you to grab a healthy bite. Our food truck is one step away from you, offering the perfect environment for anyone to grab a bite, including kids, parents, families, and friends.  

Our top priority is your health, which is why we have an exceptional food-sourcing network. We source fresh organic ingredients, fruits, and vegetable products from verified local sources to ensure that we are at the forefront of a healthy eating lifestyle in the community.  

What’s more, thanks to our strong base of loyal clientele, we have expanded our footprints with our newly opened store at Pentagon Fashion City Mall.  

Delicious, healthy food is what we are all about, but you don’t have to take our word for it, you’ve got to taste it to believe it! Come to us with your culinary expectations, and take your on-the-go, healthy eating experience to a whole new level.  

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