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About Us

Every time you take food is another chance to nourish your body. You deserve delicious, attractive, and above all, healthy food. At Health Pub food bar, we are on a mission to offer healthy fast meal alternatives to the community to inspire healthy lifestyle choices among our people.  


Our team

Our Story

Kewan Masoud & Jan Moyo

A few years ago, our co-founders embarked on a journey to turn their lives around, which included changing unhealthy eating habits into better ones. Although armed with passion and determination, this journey was proving difficult due to the lack of healthy food options at events. This experience presented an opportunity to bridge the gap and offer a solution to the healthy food availability challenges faced, and thus Health Pub was born.  

At Health Pub, we provide a perfect harmony between fresh, delicious, and nutritious. Every bite is reminiscent of a healthy paradise, effortlessly providing natural energy for strong, healthy bodies and a strong mind.  

We are so much more than a food bar; we curate an elevated healthy culinary experience. Our passion for serving you is clearly reflected in the dishes we serve. Worth mentioning is our famous Acai Bowl serving that you won’t find in any other food bar. We have a keen interest in customer service, which is why we make all our dishes to perfection with love. Our mission is to provide a pleasant atmosphere for you to grab a healthy bite. Our food truck is one step away from you, offering the perfect environment for anyone to grab a bite, including kids, parents, families, and friends.  

Our top priority is your health, which is why we have an exceptional food sourcing network. We source fresh organic ingredients, fruits and vegetable products from verified local sources to ensure that we are at the forefront of a healthy eating lifestyle in the community.  

What’s more, thanks to our strong base of loyal clientele, we have expanded our footprints with our newly opened store at Pentagon Fashion City Mall.  

Delicious, healthy food is what we are all about, but you don’t have to take our word for it, you’ve got to taste it to believe it! Come to us with your culinary expectations, and take your on-the-go, healthy eating experience to a whole new level.  

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Animal rights




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